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Smart Apps Creator 2.0 Smart Apps Creator 3.0
Landscape and Protrait Horizontal/Vertical/Mixed Horizontal/Vertical/Mixed
Device Type iPad Retina/iPhone 5 and below
Android Pad/Android Phone
iPad Retina/iPad pro/iPhone 5 and above/Android Pad/Android Phone
Operation System Win XP/Vista/7/8 Win 7/8/10
Smart Device OS iOS8.x and below
Android 5.x and below
Win XP and above
iOS9.x and above
Android 5.x and above
Win XP and above
Deactivate v
Output .xcodeproj v v
Output .apk v v
Output Windows EXE v v
Output HTML5 v
Support AppShow Service & Social Media Sharing v
Messsage Delivery v
Layout adjusting and text editting function v v
Insert images jpg/png/gif jpg/png/gif
Insert audios mp3 mp3
Insert videos mp4 mp4
Insert YouTube v
Insert text v v
Insert font v v
Text-input and interactivity v
Insert background v v
Insert PDF v v
Insert picture sequence v v
Timer v v
Counter v v
Hotspot v v
Hotspot shape v
Insert slides v v
Insert webpage v v
Insert Google map v
Insert table (opendata) v
iOS Real-Time Test v v
Insert directory template v v
720 degree panorama template v v
Insert photo template v v
Insert text template v v
Insert 360 degree effect template v v
Insert animation v v
Advanced animation v v
Interaction v v
Phone call function v
Flip page effect v v
Import page function v v
Background music v v




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