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Samples in GooglePlay Samples in Apple Store Fun English Learning with Fred English Fred 2.0 Education New York Tourist Guide SHORT-TERM EVENT! Asiagraph Reallusion 2017 3D u-Smart Clothes/Fashion App Newborn Jazz Trio u-Smart Fun App Shakespeare education material Shakespeare Magic Book(Chinese) Simple demo app Tsurui, Hokkaido Photo Gallery Aeolesthes oenochrous Find the Seed of Happiness Looking for Steaks Dolls and clothes Little Sheep math materials. Sun' Wedding Invitation App Chung Fu Elementary School Guide App Chung Fu Graduation Memory Books Simple Math Game Compare and Contrast You Wish fashion vendor LLanYu Tour Guides u-Smart Tech Product Brochure App 2017 Lamborghini App Kid's brain development game Smart Naughty moles City District App CHICHI’s Kyoto-Osaka Touring Diary معلم الطفل القران والاذكار هيا نتعلم
Smart Apps Creator 3
Samples in GooglePlay
Smart Apps Creator 3
Samples in Apple Store
Apple Store

Fun English Learning with Fred
Purpose: Language Learning
Fun English Learning with Fred is made by Jacklyn from Medianetic. This is a language learning app which contains engaging storyboard and interactivity. Students and teachers can grow their creativity and developed logical thinking while building apps with Smart Apps Creator. New skills are learned in STEM curriculum.

English Fred 2.0
For Education
English Fred 2.0 is an education mobile app to improve literacy thru game and levels, helping kids to learn English grammar and vocabulary.
How to play?
1. Explore with Fred to help him to unlock the Ripley Castle.
2. Read the following passage and answer the questions which follow.
3. Fill in the blanks with the correct words.
4. Choose the correct words to fill in the blanks.

The app is build by Smart Apps Creator, made by Jacklyn from Medianetic.

New York Tourist Guide
Purpose: Mobile Tourism, Guide, Map
New York Tourist Guide helps tourist be able to build apps. For traveller, tourism agent and government, Smart Apps Creator can create travel guide and share your joy and travel experience with the world.

SHORT-TERM EVENT! Asiagraph Reallusion 2017 3D
Purpose: Event, Party and Invitation
Animation Competition app helps promoting their event to participants. They include schedule, history, photos links, webpages, texts and Google form, which makes your app precisely target audience. Any events could be promoted in the world. (This app is made by Jacklyn from Medianetic)

u-Smart Clothes/Fashion App
Purpose: Vendor Mobile App
u-Smart clothes/fashion app promotes clothes/fashion wholesale business. Brochure could be reviewed thru mobile device. Data can be updated and viewed immediately. Tlk.io chat room is also inserted into this app for the purpose of solving customer service.

Newborn Jazz Trio
Purpose: Music Marketing, Band Marketing
NNewborn Jazz Trio markets themselves in the wedding band industry. They added profile, history, music and gig schedule.

HOCO Sense Life Designer
Purpose: Brochure, marketing
HOCO Sense Life Designer is the design and manufacture of sanitary equipment. Realizing the information spread is getting faster nowadays, HOCO decide build their own product/profile apps with Smart Apps Creator 3. Smart Apps Creator 3 can easily be operated without programming skill. Apps could contain webpage, link URL, templates and helps HOCO deliver complete product/company resources to mobile apps.

Shakespeare education material
Purpose: e-Book, Language Learning
Shakespeare education material made by Providence University students, directed by professor Yi-Lin Chen, Department of English language, literature and linguistics. They made their own content, turning their teaching material into storyful, extraordinary app.

Shakespeare Magic Book(Chinese)
Purpose: e-Book, Language Learning
Shakespeare magic book is an English literature learning material made by Providence University students, directed by professor Yi-Lin Chen, Department of English language, literature and linguistics.

Simple demo app
Purpose: Introduction, Guide
This sample demonstrates the built-in function of Smart Apps Creator and its extensions. Everything you see here is made by Smart Apps Creator 3.

Tsurui, Hokkaido Photo Gallery
Purpose: Photo Gallery, Collections
Photo Gallery of Tsurui, Hokkaido. Tsurui is a village located in Akan District, Kushiro Subprefecture, Hokkaido. It is a birth place for the red-crowned crane, one of the 100 Soundscapes of Japan. The author added several photo templates to organize his photo display.

Aeolesthes oenochrous
Purpose: Biology, Entomology Learning
This app aims at learning Aeolesthes oenochrous, a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. The author turned his class material into educational app. This is made by a non-IT background teacher.

Find the Seed of Happiness
Purpose: e-Book, Story Book, Illustrated Story
Shu Lin Lee is an storybook artist. He tells a lovely story about the path to happiness. The app is consisted of touching areas which make it interactive with the audience. The app layout is carefully designed and can be customized.

Looking for Steaks
Purpose: Menu, Dishes, Restaurant Guide
Introduce steak houses and steaks, including menu, location and contacts. Smart Apps Creator 3 also helps you create your own vendor/seller information. Make an app for your business in the GoogPlay and Apple Store is quick and easy. (*this restaurant is a concept)

Dolls and clothes
Purpose: Small Game for Children
Change different hats, clothes, shoes and hair-style on a female doll. This is a mini-game. This app demonstrates templates, animations and touching areas to achieve the interaction between contents.

Little Sheep math materials.
Purpose: Math Learning
This sample is an education materials made by primary school teachers. They mixed their ideas and teachings together for education.

Sun' Wedding Invitation App
Purpose: Wedding Invitation, Wedding Documentary, Wedding Photography
Your wedding news could be extra ordinary. This app added audio, video, photos and interaction to your wedding invitation. Google form can be inserted into your app, which makes your app more convenient to collect data. Output to Html5 helps you easily spread your news to social media and chat tool.

Chung Fu Elementary School Guide App
Purpose: School Introduction, School Guide
Chung Fu elementary school Guide App aims at introducing School mission, team, publication, photography etc, expecting to let parents know more about Chung Fu elementary school. (This app is made by Mr. Tsung Shien Lu)

Chung Fu Graduation Memory Books
Purpose: Graduation Memory
Graduation Memory Books are made to help students keep their memory, photos, video and audio. Smart Apps Creator is a perfect tool to create a graduation memory book. (This app is made by Mr. Tsung Shien Lu)

Simple Math Game
Purpose: Mathematics, Mobile Learning
A simple math game that intend to improves students’ numeric memory, logic and creativities, growing their motivation to learn. Smart Apps Creator 3 is a great learning and teaching tool in all kinds of subject. (This app is made by Rhenish Church Grace School)

Compare and Contrast
Purpose: Mathematics, Mobile Learning
A simple math game intends to improve students’ basic idea about compare and contrast in order to learn numeric memory, logic and creativities. Its content includes common daily supplies. (This app is made by a school teacher in Hong Kong.)

You Wish fashion vendor
Purpose: Clothes Vendor, Fashion Design, e-Commerce
Smart Apps Creator 3 helps fashion clothes vendor, You Wish, make and publish their own apps to Apple Store and GooglePlay. This app includes their profile, products, Shopee store and questionnaires

LanYu Tour Guides
Purpose: Tourism
Lanyu tour guide is an app that introduces the beauty of LanYu island. If you don't know programming, you are still able to make a tourism guide to share your travel experience.

u-Smart Tech Product Brochure App 2017
Purpose: Brochure, Leaflets, Flyers
u-Smart Tech latest product brochure offers the best program in multimedia field. Smart Apps Creator 3 helps adding pdf file, video and touching area directly; as a result, an app could be interactive and published to Apple Store/GooglePlay. Product brochure could be spread among smart device with lowest cost and highest efficiency.

Lamborghini App
Purpose: Car Sales, Car Introduction
Lamborghini app introduces forum, video, easy riddle game and website. This is a perfect marketing example on mobile app.

Kid's brain development game
Purpose: Nursery Game, Interactive Game, School Project
This app is made by students from Department of Data Processing, Zhiguang High School of Commerce and Industry. Smart Apps Creator 3 is a best tool to create interactive education materials for kid. *This link includes 7 kinds of different apps.

Smart Naughty moles
Smart Naughty moles
This sample is made by senior high students. Smart Apps Creator 3 Can Accomplish some small game design through its interactivIty function. Any simple or complicated idea can be changed to simple mini game.

City District App
Purpose: Government, City/District Information
Smart Apps Creator can design city district app for administrator. Information, schedule, event, show, coupons, tickets, news, questionnaires can be easily spread through mobile app. This is an app for community grow.

CHICHI’s Kyoto-Osaka Touring Diary
Purpose: Travel, Tourism
This is a useful app, introducing Kyoto and Osaka. Videos, website, photography and interactive content are applied in the app, making it more abundant and comprehensive for publications.

معلم الطفل القران والاذكار
Purpose: Education
An educational application for short chapters in the style of repetition and some dhikrs. It contains 12 surahs and 14 dhikrs. It is also available to repeat any verse from the surah.

هيا نتعلم
Purpose: Education
An educational application for children to learn the pronunciation and the way they are written. From the beginning to the end of the word.

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