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SmartAppsCreator Education

Best Education Method

Smart Apps Creator 3 is one of the best solution for STEM educatio. It relies heavily on your creativity to design interactive multimedia app, no coding skill needed. Set up logical sequence and trigger an event and receive the response you want. This unique function gives countless combinations and helps you design almost any kinds of mobile apps. Smart Apps Creator 3 allows you output to HTML5 and link jSON format database to your apps. Design app can be a lot more fun and easier.

Train logical thinking. Build STEM education. Change contents / ideas to multimedia interactive apps.

Smart Apps Creator 3 is shortlisted in the Innovation Product Awards – e-learning / Software / Apps category, GESS Dubai Education Awards 2018.

Smart Apps Creator Target Users Like…

Easily sharing your idea and creativity is the purpose of Smart Apps Creator. Smart Apps Creator can design multimedia interactive apps and helps you upload to Google Play and Apple Store. Building an app could be a lot more fun.

K-12 student  can learn computer operation, art idea, create storyboard and make photo album, graduate memory book. Even simple mini game can be done on Smart Apps Creator, like whack-a- mole, spot-the- difference, flip card.

Teachers  can insert pdf and convert their education materials to mobile apps. Students can learn new skill related to multimedia design. Students can design and publish their unique idea and innovative materials, powerpoint projects and upload to Apple store and Google Play.

Personal studio is able to use Smart Apps Creator to explore app design or create brochure or flier and upload to Apple store or Google Play. If you are an app developer, this tool is another choice to demonstrate to customers.

Artists will create personal profile and works and displayed in app format or HTML5.

Smart Apps Creator is for:
• Multimedia major student
• Personal Studio
• Business app / e-Commerce
• Digital media publication
• Creating e-books
• School apps /Education materials

SmartAppsCreator Education

Smart Apps Creator is supported by Taiwan MOE and is introduced to school curriculums. receiving well reputation from teachers and designers around the world. Smart Apps Creator has school education site license for ordering. Please contact us for more information.

For partnership, please contact us::

Malaysia - Medianetic: http://medianetic.com.my/

Singapore - themediaskool: http://themediaskool.com/

Hong Kong - Intelligent Software: http://i-software.com.hk/

HIndonesia – inosi: https://inosi.co.id/smart-apps-creator/

India – Professional Technologies: http://www.prof-tech.in/smart-app.html



  • Best STEM curriculum
  • Enrich interactive education resources
  • Intuitive UI
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Operate with digital signage and touch monitor
  • Support JSON data and excel sheet convert to JSON data
  • Output HTML as webpage
  • Broadcast message to all devices
  • Publish to Apple Store / Google play
  • AppShow backend service helps avoid annoying upload steps







No programming skill required
No need programming skill


Drag n drop graphical content and apply touchpoint, animation to navigate app viewer


No programming










AppShow - The Smart Apps Creator backend service



Interactive Multimedia Apps Design Certificate

Interactive Multimedia Apps Design Certificate

World’s first interactive multimedia app design certificate. 
Issued by Asia Creative Digital Multimedia Training League,
Certificate center for seminar/students/teachers. 
Best app design certificate in smart device age.
Include online test and operation test.



Interactive Multimedia Apps Design Certificate

“Smart Apps Creator is a well-made, easy to use and very intuitive software. Suitable for both young and adult students, with appealing graphics and low price. Suitable for educational and school use. Students learned new skill. They are building their first app and show great interest, they are very motivated.”-- Mauro D'Andrea, teacher. His school, CPIA Alba-Bra- Mondovì, trains both Italian and foreign adults. His students follow a course in Alba (Cuneo), Italy. Alba is a well-known city, famous for its truffles and the wines.



Smart Apps Creator 3 get great response in Worlddidac Asia

On October 10 2017, as software developer, Smart Apps Creator 3 was invited to join Worlddidac Asia education show in Thailand, Worlddidac is one of the biggest education exhibition held in Asia.

During the show, Smart Apps Creator 3 was highly acclaimed by schools, institutions, professors and education product suppliers from over 12 countries; and its box version was sold out in 6 hours.

A Thailand local teacher, Chaiychat Rojponthamon, visited our booth and said: “Smart Apps Creator 3 is the best app design software he had been looking for a long time.”

Here, teachers and distributors were impressed by our high quality application and its feature: No advanced programming skill, everyone can do, every walk of life can apply to your work, intuitive UI and its wide range output format: Android/Apple/Windows/Html5.

We were interviewed by Switzerland media. We have Malaysia MOE, school founder, entrepreneur, parents, teachers left their contact and show their interest to Smart Apps Creator 3.

We believe mobile application will be the substitute of website. Everyone should realize that they actually have the ability to build apps. We believe Smart Apps Creator 3 will still be the best app design software for the next decades.

Smart Apps Creator 3 official website: www.smartappscreator.com



Smart Apps Creator regularly hold seminar globally and is highly credited in Malaysia.





GESS Dubai is one of the most popular education equipment exhibition in Arab world; and Smart Apps Creator 3 is proud be selected as innovative start-up company and was invited to GESS Dubai Start-up Pavilion. Smart Apps Creator 3 not only shortlisted in GESS education award finals, but also get tremendous likes from teachers, students and distributors. We met people from Jordan, Oman, Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The energy they bring to us is as much as what we devoted to Smart Apps Creator 3.

Smart Apps Creator 3 output function (the most powerful interactive multimedia tool can convert your graphics and digital content to Apple / Android, HTML5 and .exe), and visitors are impressed by how easy it is to build mobile applications just by drag n’ drop and multimedia design; no coding skill required. Primary students can develop their graphic design, logical thinking and creativity. Teacher can make teaching materials then publish to Apple Store or Google Play.

We were interviewed by GESS’s official media team. Totally we have visitors from UAE, Philippines, India, Indonesia, MOE, school founder, entrepreneur, parents and teachers. All visitors left positive opinions and show their love for Smart Apps Creator 3. Smart Apps Creator 3 draw great attention to this most powerful multimedia tool.


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