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Smart Apps Creator

Best content app builder and publisher

Announcing the interactive multimedia TECHNOLOGY

Smart Apps Creator is the cutting-edge digital interactive media that build multimedia content for mobile device. Feature intuitive UI, interactivity, design. Build iOS and Android app and publish to app store without sweating. Output extension includes HTML5 and .exe which makes your app compatible across all device and touch monitor. Build your apps with less effort and customize your own content app without programming skill required.
No need programming skill Google Play and Apple Store Train logical thinking Support mp3, mp4, jpeg and png,

No programming skill. Operated by drag n’ drop.


Easily output .apk, .xcodeproj, .exe, and HTML5. Cover all smart devices.


Great for STEM education, train logical thinking by a series of logic sequence and interactivity. Building an app could be fun.

Support mp3, mp4, jpeg, png, YouTube, Google Map, insert webpage, plus abundant animations and templates.



Smart Apps Creator 3 features simple MS Office-like UI and requires no programming skill. Any level of users can easily complete their project. Wedding app, business app, language teaching materials, story book and tourist guide can all be created with ease. The only limitation is your imagination.


Easily output
.apk / .xcodeproj / .exe, and HTML5

Smart Apps Creator 3 supports Appleand Android device. Easily output .apk, .xcodeproj, .exe, and HTML5. Your project can be viewed on cross-device.



Apply animation to your art design

Smart Apps Creator 3 contains abundant animations that could apply to your contents and images. With “Advanced Animation,” you are able to customize movement and make your project more adorable.

Adjust details for your animation

Adjust details for your animation
2 contain 17 different kinds of built-in animations
Abundant Animation.


Adjust animation moving directions
Adjust movement.


Adjust 32 animation dynamics
Fine tune dynamics.


SmartAppsCreator INTERACTION




Apply interactive action to your art design by selecting function. You are able to create various logical sequence and possibilities to connect your viewer. Logical sequence can train students’ logical thinking and build STEM curriculum.
Train logical thinking. Build STEM education.
Change contents / ideas to multimedia interactive apps.






SmartAppsCreator support mp3



SmartAppsCreator support mp4



SmartAppsCreator support png jpg gif

.png / .jpg / .gif / .pdf


SmartAppsCreator support Insert webpage

Insert webpage


SmartAppsCreator support Map



SmartAppsCreator support Real­Time Test

Real-Time Test



Integrate Web Service, Make Your App More Functional
Mix Web-based Tool

Integrate web service into your app (e.g. security camera / chat tool / live channel / Google Form / questionnaire / whiteboard / calculator). You are able to build apps for widely different purpose.



Real­Time Test Function



Show mobile app immediately on smart device - Real-Time Test Function

helps you preview apps on smart device before uploading to Apple Store or Google Play.





Photo Template

Smart Apps Creator 3 includes several photo templates that easily helps you design layout and project.





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Smart Apps Creator 3 is shortlisted in the Innovation Product Awards – e-learning / Software / Apps category, GESS Dubai Education Awards 2018.

Smart Apps Creator is listed in the 100 I.T. Innovative Elites by I.T. month.


"Hi, I downloaded and installed "Smart Apps Creator" on my desktop PC OS Win 8.1 with success. I really liked the "Graphic User Interface." It has a great impact (no eye confusion and distraction at all). The interface is really intuitive." -- Joseph Caristena, EGov Metrics, Italy (http://www.egovmetrics.com)






“I try to learn Android studio but I need to write and remember a lot of code to make apps. I search for product to use offline I found more than one link Convertigo, app builder, nest, etc; but Smart App Creator 3 … I try it all and I found your software easy to use and also isn’t like other software who claims as easy as they said.“ - Websites designer, English Teacher & YouTuber


“I bought a copy of Smart Apps Creator back in 2015 via one of your distributors in Hong Kong. I am very happy with the apps and would like to personally thank you for making such fantastic software.”







System Requirement
Operating system

Graphics card
Hard drive space
Microsoft Windows 10
Intel Core™ i-series or AMD Phenom® II and above
Support 1024x768
2GB required
※Internet connection required for activate.



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