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HTML5 is the latest code that makes web pages. It consists of three kinds of code: HTML, which provides the structure; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which take care of presentation; and JavaScript, which makes things happen.

In the past, Html5 are used to describing the code of webpages; but, because of the popular e-Commerce and social media, Html5 is transformed. It replaces the traditional business mode. Html5 is used on marketing, PR, promoting, inviting and advertising since it is more stronger, faster and cheaper in spreading business news. That’s why Smart Apps Creator 3 Html5 output function is our highlight function. Your idea can be quickly output to interactive Html5, rapidly shared on social media and any smart device.




According to the investigation of eMarketer, from 2012-2016, the digital and mobile ad spending is taking the great shares among the traditional marketing tool. Digital marketing and mobile marketing is where Html5 takes advantage. By the popular social media and smart device, we can say Html5 will only be more and more valuable than ever.







No publishing procedures

Html5 can be viewed on any smart device with any landscape and portrait. Developers don’t need to worry about the problem of screen size. Html5 is a more compatible media today.


Create your idea is fun, but publish it to the Googleplay or Apple Store is painful. It normally takes days to weeks to be informed you are successful or not, not to mention every time you update it. Html5 needs just a few seconds to upload or update then it can be spread and viewed online By Html5, you are more close to the market.



Cost effective



Easy to spread


We all know developing an app takes a lot of investment, discussion and time. For small or medium size business it is hard to make this investment. Changing your idea to Html5 is more easy and low-costing. For business starter, Html5 is the a marketing tool with the lowest risk.


Html5 is spread through URL. Your Html5 could be spread on social media, chat tool or any platform on the Internet. You idea and business news can be widely and rapidly spread.





This is an English learning app made by Smart Apps Creator 3. Smart Apps Creator 3’s friendly UI helps you apply interactive touching areas and animations to your app and then finally output it to Html5. You can create education material or business marketing tool.






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